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27 June 2012 4:55 PM CDT

We Are Tekken!

So there’s this cool new promotion going on called “We Are Tekken”, that I had a hand in. A few concept art guys and comickers – some new and some superstars (name drop Neal Adams, J0ck), were asked to illustrate our take on some of the new iterations of Tekken characters in their new game Tag Tournament 2 for the launch and for a new contest they have where artists can win cash, fame, glory; all that jazz. To enter the contest – CLICK HERE.

Below is a small version of my image for the promotion, and if you would like to see how it’s made, click it to see a walkthrough of the proccess.

10 April 2012 10:20 AM CDT

C2E2, Boston Comic Con, & Heroes

 Three upcoming conventions I will be at in the coming months – two over the next two weekends – Chicago’s C2E2 (April 13-15th – Artist Alley Table L13), and the Boston Comic Con (April 21-22nd where I wil be a guest), and the ever popular Heroes Convention in Charlotte North Carolina (June 22-24th). As usual I will have select prints, sketchbooks, bookmarks, originals, and will be doing a limited number of sketches. If you are looking to pick one up at any of these shows, please send me a contact note to get on the list or set up a pre-con commission pick-up, (I spend longer on these pieces). Other Conventions that are further off that I will be attending this year: New York Comic Con, Baltimore Comic Con, and if possible Dragon Con in Atlanta again.

Projects update: I’m wrapping up pages for a fun short story for pal Mike Walton’s False Positive, and working on a number of illustrations and concept pieces for video games and novel covers. I’ve been working on two other comic projects as well that are nearing fruition and will be getting exposure soon. I’ll mention and point to things as soon as I can. In other words – I’ve been very busy lately.

In other news, a bunch of new pieces have been added to the comics and illustration sections. A smattering is below, but scroll the gallery for about 10 more. Enjoy and hope to see some of you at a future convention!


Also, I’m nearing the 1,000 “likes” on my Facebook fan page. When it hit’s 1,000, I will pick a person at random from the list and will do a free commission for him or her, so if you haven’t “liked” the page yet – please do to enter yourself in the drawing :)

17 January 2012 8:51 AM CST

Temeraire, New Mutants, etc.

I’ve uploaded some of the Temeraire pieces I have been doing lately – A series of pieces from Naomi Novik’s brilliant historical fantasy series about dragons during the Napoleonic Wars. If you haven’t read it, you should! Below are links and you can find them in the illustration section.

Project Rooftop – one of my favorite sites, has posted what are most likely my final redesigns of the New Mutants. They were a lot of fun, and I have to give a shout out to Paul who is the proud owner of the big group piece. Those and more can be found in the Comics section.


9 June 2011 1:42 PM CDT

Heroes 2011, PR, & Stuff

Heroes was a blast and easily placed itself among my favorite cons. I didn’t expect the overwhelming number of commissions and folks buying originals. Drawing day and night was crazy but fun, and according to fellow artists, par for the course at Heroes. Don’t get me wrong – no artist will ever complain about having too much to draw:). There were so many kind people who stopped by my table and struck up conversation, and I got the opportunity to meet and hang out with artists I’ve admired for years. I got to have lunch with one commissioner, and the Drink and Draw was a lot of fun. I was able to get a few of my favorite commissions taken care of at the pizza shop over beers and laughs. At the Live Auction my donated Kitty and Lockheed piece went for $350, and I had the opportunity on the final day of the  con to sketch and draw with Dean Trippe of Project Rooftop, and Chris Moreno – both a lot of fun to work alongside over breakfast.

Also, coming out of Heroes; I am now with representation. Lastly – My redesigns of the New Mutants are now up on PR. Check out set 1 here and click back soon for set 2.

New work:

28 February 2011 1:01 PM CST

Project Rooftop, Tolkien, & New Art!

Aquaman 2011 - 1Project Rooftop, the site that redesigns superheroes held a challenge to redesign Aquaman – one of my favorite superheroes. I had to enter not one, but three designs for the Atlantean lord, with my initial one, taking first prize. Go check it out and drop a comment or two for your favorites, there are some awesome redesigns posted.  Make sure to check out some of the other fantastic redesigns they’ve done over the last five years as well.

I have a huge wave of new art coming in the next week and will link everything up once I get things scanned and cleaned up. Many projects and commissions have kept me from posting as much over the last few months, but I should have a massive update for the site by then.

I’ve been furiously putting together a Tolkien sketchbook – one of three planned for this year, and plan to have that one ready for C2E2. I’ll be doing sketches and commissions there March 18th-20th. Here is one of the newer pieces that will be in said sketchbook:

3 December 2010 5:53 PM CST

30 Characters, Harry Potter, & Tron

Some odds and ends from last week. This week was the conclusion to the 30 Characters madness and a new theme at the ComicSocialClub. Check it out every Tuesday for a new piece!

Here are some of the choicest of the last batch of 30 Characters and a Tron and Harry Potter piece:


25 August 2010 9:02 AM CDT


Daniel Govar Sketchbook 2009-2010I should be getting them in tomorrow, but I wanted to share the cover piece and a few details about them:

» 28 pages of art, 8 color, 20 B&W
» Pencil sketches, ink pieces, watercolour pieces, and digital works
» Most art created in 3hrs or less
» Works spanning August 2009 – August 2010
» Sketch card area at the back of the book for a personal piece

In other news, I have just 5 more slots open for commissions at the Baltimore Comic Con. If you want to make sure you get a commissioned peice, drop me a note here.

1 August 2010 8:15 PM CDT

Project Rooftop: Captain America

Project Rooftop: Captain America

Here’s my entry I submitted for Project Rooftop: Captain America. Reinventing an icon is tough. This was after a few doodling and was done with copic sketch brush and digital color. Cross your fingers! If I have time I’m going to try and do these when they announce them. A cool excercise.

1 December 2009 11:55 AM CST

30 Characters 30 Days

November was a busy time for me, drawing a character each day and working on pages for Azure Season 2. A character a day? That was something that comic pal Tyler James cooked up: to keep the creative juices flowing in the comics community by having creators create new characters on a daily basis for one month.

Seems easy, right? Artists draw characters all the time! With a full time job on top of my work for Azure I didn’t sleep much last month.

To make life a little easier, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, developing some of the characters for season 2, that I had not yet conceptualized, at the same time.

Here are the lot of the pieces I did, and make sure you look at the others on the 30 Characters 30 Days challenge.

2016 Convention Schedule (confirmed)

C2E2 – Chicago, IL - March 18-20
Emerald City CC – Seattle, WA - April 7-10
MegaCon – Orlando, FL - May 26-29
Awesome Con – May 29-31 – Washington, DC
Heroes Con – June 19-21 – Charlotte, NC
Boston Comic Con - Aug12-14 - Boston, MA
Dragon Con - Sept2-5 - Atlanta, GA
NYCC – October 8-11 – New York, NY
Jekyll Island Comic Con - Dec10-11 - Jekyll Island, GA

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