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2 June 2011 7:32 AM CDT

Heroes Con!

I will be joining the masses of artists at Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend at artist alley tables 118,119. This will be my first time at this Con and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Stop by the table, chat, say hi – I’ll be doing commission sketches with pal Matthew Petz of War of the Woods, and fellow Comic Social Club artists Bobby Timony, Kevin Colden, and selling sketchbooks and prints. My 2010 sketchbook is sold out, and the 2011-A sketchbook is in very limited supply. I expect to sell out at Heroes. My 2011-B sketchbook and the the Tolkien sketchbook (I know – a long time coming), will be available in time for the Baltimore and New York Comic Con’s and will be for sale online sometime in late July.

Friday night I plan to be at the Drink & Draw at Fuel Pizza starting at 7:30pm, so if you’d like ot buy me a beer and chat/draw – come on down! I also plan to check out two awesome panels (and you should as well – Friday at 1 PM – Room 206 – the Comic Twart panel, and at 3PM – Room 203B – Project Rooftop: Superhero Fashion. Hope to see many of you at the show :)

21 April 2011 9:52 AM CDT

Upcoming Cons, Commissions, & Projects Update

So much has happened since my last update, I scarcely know where to start. I’ve already been to two very busy and fun cons this year – Chicago’s C2E2 and one of the four Virginia Comic Cons. Here is my nearly postive Con schedule for the rest of the year:

  • Boston Comic Con
  • Virginia Comic Con (x2)
  • Heroes (Charlotte)
  • Baltimore Comic Con (BCC)
  • Dragon Con (Atlanta)
  • New York Comic Con (NYCC

I will be selling my sketchbooks while supplies last and hope to have my new Tolkien-oriented ThereAndBackAgain sketchbook ready for this coming Boston Comic Con where I will be doing commissions with Bobby Timony (Night Owls) and Ian Struckhoff (Black Label Comics). I will also have a few prints and bookmarks to sell as well. If you would like a commission at the con, I am opening the pre-con sketches now for Boston. Send me a note here for pricing.

So what have I been up to? I have been pitching various projects and am hard at work on a personal project I am considering turning into a web series. I promise more on this after I return from Boston, and with luck I’ll have more info about the pitches to share.

Dwarven Map! A project I worked on at the begining of the year has been printed and is available for a donation to a wonderful community, The Middle-earth network. Click here to learn more!

Lastly – Newish work – Below are a smattering of new pieces – commissions mostly, prints, and various bits over the last few months. I will do my best to post more frequently here when I update work on the various other networks, and will add these to the linked pages in the various galleries.


15 March 2011 4:31 PM CDT


I’ll be at C2E2 again in Chicago with the Comic Social Club (table E-1), sketching, chatting and commissioning. Keep an eye on my TwitPic feed as I’ll be constantly updating the feed with sketches and happening from the convention.

The Sketchbook:

I’ll be selling my 2011 series 1 sketchbook, and I’ve made a small number available via my Etsy shop while supplies last: LINK It features 32 pages of sketches done between September 2010 and February 2011 - 8 in color, 26 in Black & White. My 2010 sketchbook sold out, (I was able to hold onto 10 I might release later), so if interested, I urge you to pick up the 2011 SB at the show or online soon, as it’s another small run.


If you’re interested in a commission, I’m opening up 10 slots for the convention. I mail commissions if you are not attending when I return. If you are attending – let me know in advance. Please send me a note HERE about rates if interested.

New Art:

So much new art to post! I’ll be updating the gallery tonight and tomorrow night before I leave for Chicago. If you’re interested in seeing some of the new stuff prior to then, please check out my Deviant Art Page. LINK

Lastly – a huge thank you to everyone who has sent me emails, notes, tweets, and “liked” my work over the last year. A huge thanks to all who have commissioned me for illustrations and sketches at cons and via my site, and to those who follow me on twitter, facebook, deviant Art and here. I am constantly humbled by all of your support and am honored by each of you. I hope to see many of you in coming days :)

UPDATE: I now have 8 slots left for commissions.

24 November 2010 2:02 PM CST

VA Comic Con Post-Game Report

VA Comic Con is going down as one of my favorite cons of this year, if not the favorite. Not only did the Comic Social Club have a great showing, I think some of the best con art I’ve ever done was there, and I met some of the best con-goers of any convention. Only taking a 10 minute break on Sunday from drawing and chatting with fans, Peter & Bobby Timony and myself were constantly selling prints and sketchbooks while gossiping with convention folk. I got to meet and draw beside art-legend Joe Jusko, and watch him work one some really amazing sketch pieces. What a great guy. I also had a ton of fans chat me up about AZURE and ask about when the next issues were hitting.

The print was a big hit and sketchbooks and prints alike nearly sold out. Look for that piece to be in a calendar due from me very soon.

Here are some of the con commissions done at the show, some pics of me and the guys working, and the print I had at the show:

Elric of Melnibone Retro Laser Girl Jean Grey Phoenix by Daniel Govar   Peter Timony, Bobby Timony, & Me 

16 November 2010 6:05 PM CST

Projects Update & VA Comic Con

Live in Virginia? Like Comics? Come on down to the Virgina Comic Con on November 20th and 21st where I’ll be doing sketches, selling sketchbooks and prints (while supplies last), and milling about with fellow Comic Social Clubbers Mike Zagari and Bobby Timony. I will have 10 commission slots open for the con – prices are listed on this Commissions Page.

**EDIT** – I now have just 7 slots open for the Virginia Comic Con Commissions.

Projects – I am working on two swquential pitches right now and have just taken on a rather cool Middle-earth-oriented project I can’t discuss just yet. More to come on that soon. As to the comic pitches – Both are with others handling the writing chores while I help with plot and direction along with the art side of things. What about Azure? Write HERE and tell them you want more, more, more, more…

What on earth is 30 Characters and why am I blasting out original characters each day? It’s a challenge I took on at the urging of fellow creator Tyler James, to create 30 characters in 30 days, one for each day of November. It sounded simple until one actually starts putting them together and realizes to do justice to a character you have to put some love into them. It was a fun challenge last year, and this years is a lot of fun also, but perhaps more stressful, (I had to up the ante a bit). As an awesome bonus, many of my creator friends joined in the fun as we keep pushing one another to do one better each day.

Many more to come, but here is where I stand after two weeks worth of character making:

7 October 2010 10:40 AM CDT

NYCC 2010, Sketches/Sketchbooks, Times

I’ll be messin around at the NYCC with the Comic Social Club – selling sketchbooks and prints as well as doing comission sketches. I’ll be at the booth at these times:
Friday: 10am-11am, 1-3pm Saturday: 3pm-6pm Sunday: 11:30am-1pm I’ll probably be there at other times, but you’re gauranteed to catch me there then.

Prices are below:

2010 sketchbook - $15 (includes quick sketch)(BEST DEAL – and I don’t have many left…)



9x12 B&W – Ink - $30

Baron Mawr Vintner

9x12 B&W – Pencil - $20

Gollum Sketch

7x10 B&W – Pencil - $15


7x10 - Ink - $20

Burn 2

9x12 watercolour - $50

Also, I’ll have a super big 14×20 tablet and one comission I will be working on at the show at that size. If you want one of those inquire, but note the pricing starts higher. I can of course do pencil, ink, and watercolour. Hope to see you at the big show!

25 August 2010 9:02 AM CDT


Daniel Govar Sketchbook 2009-2010I should be getting them in tomorrow, but I wanted to share the cover piece and a few details about them:

» 28 pages of art, 8 color, 20 B&W
» Pencil sketches, ink pieces, watercolour pieces, and digital works
» Most art created in 3hrs or less
» Works spanning August 2009 – August 2010
» Sketch card area at the back of the book for a personal piece

In other news, I have just 5 more slots open for commissions at the Baltimore Comic Con. If you want to make sure you get a commissioned peice, drop me a note here.

15 August 2010 12:12 PM CDT

Baltimore Comic Con & Commissions!

A couple of updates this fine wet Sunday here in Baltimore. First off I’ll be at the Baltimore Comic Con and have an exhibitor booth promoting AZURE and doing comission sketches. I will be there with the “Zuda Crew”, (Many of the talented Zuda creators who have comics coming or have come to various devices, web, and print). I plan to have my sketchbook available for sale there as well. The convention is The 28th and 29th of August and I will also be doing a panel on working digitally to create comics with artist Matt Zolman. We will be showcasing working in Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop, and will pick apart some of our digital files and answer questions on creating art digitally. The panel will be on Sunday from 11-12.

Lastly, Commissions! I’ll be opening 10 slots for comissions for the Baltimore Comic Con. I won’t begin them until the day of the con, (still working my tail off to finish AZURE before the con), but you can put your request in now by sending me a note on what you would like here. I can do 9×12 or 7×10 pieces in your choice of 3 mediums: watercolor, pen & ink, or pencil. If I think I can handle more at the con, I’ll open more up, and if you won’t be at the convention, they can be mailed.

PS – I have a couple of new pieces going up this evening that have been cooking for a while, but Azure has taken a front seat for a while. Stay tuned!

31 July 2010 11:02 AM CDT

SDCC 2010 Post-show report

Click Here For SDCC 2010 Pics/Sketches

Read at your own risk…

Preview Night: It was a blast and quite packed with people. When walking into the con you are immediately bombarded by so many giant robots, creatures, vehicles, sculptures, and structures that you’re immediately hit by the sense of scale. Comic Con is like no other Con I’ve been to, save perhaps, Dragon Con which sprawls across multiple hotels. The main exhibition hall in the San Diego Convention center takes roughly 30 minutes to walk from start to finish, and that’s without people or looking at anything! And boy does your eye wander…Check out the pics for just a taste.

After walking the hall and seeing what was in store, next came meeting with editors, publishers, and friends. There were quite a few artists that were on my list to make sure I ran into/met, and thankfully only a few I didn’t get to see or chat with.

Thursday: Soo Epic. Woke at the beach house, and water was too cold to do any surfing without a wetsuit. Funny enough the weather was pretty mild the whole time. Nothing like last year. I was really looking forward to getting as much if not more surfing in while I was staying there, but it just didn’t happen. Most of the time the temperature was in the low 70’s during the midday and around 55 at night! I set off for the con early, and walked around artist alley and some of the vendor booths, mostly taking in and noting things to buy. I spent most of the con talking to artists chatting about various techniques and tools of the trade. Likes and dislikes of digital work, and sharing samples of our various projects. I also got to connect with old friends from, and talk to the folks at Weta Workshop and Sideshow Collectibles. Old pals from my Tolkien days. Took a ton of pictures of course.

The con wrapped and I hit dinner at Cafe de Diem (from SyFy’s Eureka). Awesome drinks, good food, though overpriced on all counts. Then came the Drink and Draw at Hennessey’s. It was awesome. I met a zillion artists and got to drink some Guiness and whiskey and ink-sketch with some fine folks. Among those I got to meet and chat with, the pumped Dan Panosian and inker Ryan Winn who I got to introduce to Copics. Next came the Boom! party at the Hyatt.  It was a great time and I got to meet one of the folks I was hoping to see: Ming Doyle. An amazing up-and coming artist whom you should check out: Ming’s Website. I had a smashing good time catching up with many of the Zuda crowd I haven’t seen in a very long time but chat with pretty often: Bobby Timony & his lovely wife Danna, the illustrious Kevin Colden, the dashing Sheldon Vella, my good lad Aluisio Cervelle Santos, the dynamic duo of Zito & Trov  Stayed out chatting to various writers and artists and editors at the party until around 1:30 or so and called it a night.

Friday: Met artist Travis Hanson, creator/illustrator of The Bean a fun webcomic you should check out. That dude can draw like nobody’s business and blows anyone I’ve seen away when it comes to speed. Inspiring is putting it lightly. I also got a shwanky sketchbook from Ming Doyle with a cool sketch as well as a little quickie portrait of me. (grr) That lady is too cool for words. I wandered around artist alley and had a quick lunch with all the Zuda folks and ComiXology guys before the signing to end all signings. I started sketching and signing for my hour allotment and passed out about 50 (half!) of my prints I brought with me. The sketches lasted for not one or two but three hours! (Thanks to Sheldon who let me work through his session for some folks that had waited in line for about an hour or so. This was a fun session, getting a ton of character requests I’d never worked on before. I think my favorite of the bunch went to Rachel of Kyle Rainer with his ring failing him.

That night we drank like gentlemen. Showed up to the Geek Girls Tweet up and was denied entrance due to too many people. :/ However, we ran into awesome friend Esti who works at Diamond and chatted with her for a bit only to notice that the Marvel talent party was going on a stones throw away. We all got an invite to come on over and join in the soiree and had a grand old time. When the Eisner awards let out pandemonium ensued as Cameron Stewart, my editor, Kwanza Johnston, and Andy Belanger arrived with an Eisner in hand. A bit unfortunate that Cameron the Great beat out pal and co-Zude Jeremy Love for Best Webcomic, with his brilliant Sin Tutulo, but what can I say, Cameron deserves it. Hilarity and many shots ensued. By the time I got home I was sufficiently done, but evidently had a hankering for the beach as I woke the next morning with sand in the sheets and covered in sand. evidently I sleep-walked onto the beach where I was staying and decided to frolic in the water.

Don’t ask.

Saturday: Another signing, an awesome lunch with Zito, Trov, and Kwanza, and rushed to my signing which lasted about 2 hours. I had a few meetings and introductions to some people (I still need to email – ack!), and chatted with some digital folk I wanted to catch-up with. I stopped off and looked at and their iPad app, as well as the ImagineFX guys n gals (<– good people).

Saturday night culminated in drinking and dancing and karaoking with much of the crew from the night before. good times but man, I wish I’d left my iPad at home. Tip: you can’t dance with an iPad.

Sunday: Bought gifts for folks back home, signed for an hour and a half – some good sketches in that one, awesome dinner with Kwanza, and had many drinks that night with farewells to friends; I was pretty drained by that point.

Monday: Trip back home capped with the highlight that Azure #2 (the first paid one) was ranked number 2 on comiXology’s in-app purchases. It stayed there for about 3 weeks and was overtaken by Azure #3 towards the end of that week. They stayed up there for a while! Thanks to everyone who checked it out and please tell your friends :)

Some of the folks I’m bummed I missed: Eric Canete (was really wanting to grab one of his sketchbooks. I met and chatted with him at C2E2, and I wanted to hit him up for a comission. Ah well…next time…); Jill Thompson (I tried getting into her master class but the lines and packed crowds made me insanely late to her demonstration.); Adam Hughes (I got to talk to him for a bit and picked up his sketchbook, but would have liked to attend his master class as well); Paul Pope (a scheduling conflict as I had to sign at the DC

19 July 2010 10:54 AM CDT

SDCC 2010 Where Will I Be?

Azure SDCC 2010 Promo

I will be signing at the DC Comics Booth (#1915)on Friday from 2:00 – 3:00, and Saturday from 3:00-4:00. Stop by grab a free print (to the left – while supplies last), and I’ll be doing sketches for folks. I plan to attend the drink and draw Thursday night as well and encourage everyone coming to the con that’s an artist to attend, grab a few pints and draw, sketch, doodle with everyone. I’ve been to a few smaller ones, and anticipate the big ones to be a blast!

If you want to reach me/connect at the con – drop me a note at my contact page and I’ll send you my number.

2016 Convention Schedule (confirmed)

C2E2 – Chicago, IL - March 18-20
Emerald City CC – Seattle, WA - April 7-10
MegaCon – Orlando, FL - May 26-29
Awesome Con – May 29-31 – Washington, DC
Heroes Con – June 19-21 – Charlotte, NC
Boston Comic Con - Aug12-14 - Boston, MA
Dragon Con - Sept2-5 - Atlanta, GA
NYCC – October 8-11 – New York, NY
Jekyll Island Comic Con - Dec10-11 - Jekyll Island, GA

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