27 July 2010 9:56 PM CDT

SDCC 2010 Pics/Sketches

SDCC 2010Dan Govar, Kevin Colden, Bobby TimonySDCC 2010 Green HornetSDCC 2010 BumblebeeSDCC 2010 Optimus PrimeSDCC 2010 WETASDCC 2010 WETA 2SDCC 2010 WETA 3SDCC 2010 WETA 4 SmaugSDCC 2010 Goblin KingSDCC 2010 Avatar 1SDCC 2010 Iron MenSDCC 2010 BenderSDCC 2010 Buddy JesusSDCC 2010 My Little PonySDCC 2010 Lego R2D2 C3POSDCC 2010 Lego Hero FactorySDCC 2010 cosplaySDCC 2010 Lego Harry PotterSDCC 2010 Ghostbusters CarSDCC 2010 Star Wars CostumesSDCC Star Wars Clone WarsSDCC 2010 Star Wars Clone Wars meets Daft PunkSDCC 2010 He ManSDCC 2010 AvatarSDCC 2010 Green Lantern Dying AlienSDCC 2010 Tron LegacySDCC 2010 RocketeerSDCC 2010 BatmobileSDCC 2010 Hawkgirl Power Man, Green LanternSDCC Dark PhoenixSDCC 2010 Team FortressSDCC 2010 Power RangersSDCC 2010 LoboSDCC Ocean BeachSDCC 2010 Nabu dessertSDCC wonder woman from the drink and drawSDCC 2010 Batman sketch 1SDCC Kyle Rainer sketchSDCC Aquaman SketchSDCC 2010 Batman Sketch 2Dan Signing at DCAzure #2 #3!SDCC 2010 Crimson sketch

This is just a smattering of some of the sketches done for fans and pics at Comic Con 2010. It was a such a great time on every level. Some highlights for me: Meeting quite a few publishers and editors; Meeting and hanging out with artists I admire and follow; Reconnecting with so many friends within and without the industry; Meeting, chatting, & sketching with so many fans of Azure. The parties and get-togethers were good fun. Honestly there was too much to see. The cosplay this year was nothing short of amazing as you can see by many of the pics. I’ll add more as I pull them off the various devices I brought. These are all from my iPhone 3G.

I was completely beside myself at the turnout during each of the signings. Friday’s signing was to be an hour but the line didn’t die down until 3 hours later! All told I counted about 32 Sketches/drawings done during 3 signings and a drink and draw.

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