20 February 2013 9:46 AM CST

Cover Samples

1 – Stray – forthcoming second novel in the Rittenhouse Saga by Evan Fuller: Preorder via Amazon

2 – Mutt – First novel in the Rittenhouse Saga by Evan Fuller: Available from Amazon

3 – Off Registration Issue 1: Available online.

4 – Seekers of Dreams: Masterpieces of Fantasy: Available from Amazon

5 – ME Network Magazine

6 – More People’s Guide to J.R.R. Tolkien (Cold Spring Press)

Additional covers and related samples:

Relaunch Issue 1 cover
Cthulhu Risen Print
Dragons: Seven Devils Print
Dragons: La Fleur de Nuit Print
Dragons: In Good Company Print
Dragons: Temeraire Print
Dragons: Holiday Print 2012

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