27 June 2012 4:44 PM CDT

We Are Tekken

Scroll down to see how the piece came together.

Traditional Media: Copic multiliner brush tip with warm and cool greys and ink wash on hot press Arches – 18 x 24 in.

Digital Media: Photoshop CS5.1

1 – Pencil Phase
– roughed out the characters and a loose background design then added more detail to them, showing where light would fall and areas of backlighting and glows.
2 – Ink Phase – I tend to work around characters and the piece as a whole but in this case I wanted to nail down certain expressions with the characters so I spent more time on their faces first, and then with Ogre in particular being the foreground character. As a rule of thumb when inking, I try to ink froeground elements first when at all possible as they tend to lie over-top background elements.
3 – Greying Phase – Here is where I add warm and cool greys to the piece, working from light to dark most of the time, layering the tones and working them into the blacks using the Copic Brush-tips.
4 – Digital Phase – After scanning I adjust the scales of the image – seeking whites and blacks and balancing ranges. Next I lay down flat colors/areas of color, then add a multiply layer of a blue tint to cast everything in a night setting. Using the moon as a light source I add blue illuminations to the foreground characters and buildings using overlay layers. Next I add underlighting and backlighting as well as the orange illuminations from the lanterns. Finally I add a detail pass – Doing everything from adding a bit of atmosphere to the background and to portions of Devil Jin as well as the stars in the sky.

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