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27 May 2014 10:17 AM CDT

Heroes Con 2014

Heroes Con 2014 is nearly upon us – less than a month away, and I’ve been getting many requests for pieces and pricing (thank you!). I didn’t announce any commissions this year as I’ve been swamped with Marvel and Dynamite projects as well as a couple of others, and with past commissioner’s requests, my list filled up weeks ago. I do apologize to those I’ve already turned down for pre-commission pieces. If you’re looking for a piece or want to take a peek at my commission price-list, feel free to shoot me a note. I’ll be doing take-home pieces after the convention, and will be doing at-con pieces again this year, though I plan to do far fewer at the convention itself – spending a little more time on the pieces at the con. If you want to get on my signup sheet for pieces at the con I am taking names, but note that you must check in when you arrive at the con to confirm your piece.

Follow my Twitter and Facebook feeds if you would like to see the pieces coming together over the coming weeks. So many fun new characters!

Also – I have confirmed I’ll be at the Boston Comic Con in August! I am taking commission requests for that con now.

30 October 2013 2:30 PM CDT

Art Show, Updates, Cons, & Commissions

It’s been a while and I’ve been incredibly busy. So busy that my own blog has been horribly neglected and I’ve added an assistant to help me manage some of my workload. So if you get an email from Holly, know she’s with me! She’s been shepherding my requests, coordinating my schedule, and helping with my mailings among other things.

Art Showing
:  for those relatively local or willing to travel, I’m showing a number of originals and will have those and some prints for sale at the Still Life Gallery in Ellicott City, Maryland. I did some live art and signing on October 26th at the gallery, which was quite fun and thanks to everyone who came out!  Art and prints will be available at the gallery through the 3rd of November.

Projects: Currently I’m working on a really fun project with the talented Brandon Seifert called Supernatural Geographic that will knock your socks off! Below is a page from the comic. Also, I’m finishing some page work on a brilliant series idea oriented in the world of H.P. Lovecraft. More on that one when I can share what we’ve been developing. Additionally, I’ve been doing some Marvel work I can’t discuss other than its a lot of fun, and I’m working on Grimm, a Dynamite Entertainment project based on the hit NBC TV series that is a ton of fun! I recently contributed chapter heads and a cover to a short story anthology called 1920 with some talented friends, and I wrapped a large poster piece for the band I Fight Dragons that I’ll be able to share soon. I am still creating covers for Off Registration as well. So busy busy busy…

Conventions: I have had a super fun convention season and have met so many wonderful people on my travels.  New York Comic Con was the last con I had on my list for this year, though I’m already making plans for next year’s, and I’m really looking forward to finally setting up at Emerald City Comic Con out in Seattle. If you missed me at a convention this year, I hope to see you at one in 2014! If you were looking for a commission at a con, see below…

Commissions: I am currently opening up my holiday commissions. There are limited slots and I guarantee pieces before the holiday if  submitted by November 15. I generally book up quickly, so if you’re interested in a piece for a loved one or for yourself, send a note early! You will get a reply with rates and sizes and an estimated date of completion.

7 February 2013 3:42 PM CST

Projects & Commissions Update

I’ve updated the personal website – removing many older pieces (there will be more removed over the coming week), and adding many new pieces to all galleries. I hope to have the entire site updated over the next week, with a new section added in a month for an upcoming project. More on that later. Below are some of the new commission pieces I’ve added as well as personal pieces that will be added to the print gallery soon. Additionally I hope to have my Con Schedule listed soon – it will appear on the sidebar menu as well with the site update.

Outland Collective

Many of you will note the new banner on the right – I have joined the Outland Collective along with some art pals and have begun posting pieces there monthly as well as this month’s First Friday piece, Seven Devils. The First Friday pieces will be prints in the near future so keep an eye out for that link soon in the sidebar. Every third Monday of the month I’ll have a new challenge piece there.


I’ve been working on a few new projects recently; a couple I hope to be able to talk about soon. I have also been plugging away at RELAUNCH chapter 2 with Ron Perazza, and I recently wrapped production on zombie sword blade designs for Neptune Trading. When I have one in my hand expect pictures and a link to purchase them.  Because of the projects I am currently working on, commissions are closed for me until mid March, before coming conventions. Those commissions I do post over this month are pieces I’ve had on my list already. And now – back to work!

10 January 2012 1:51 PM CST

New work, projects, conventions.

With 2011 out the door I did a tally of all the illustration work I did last year. 293 images in total. A nice big number. I want to do about a quarter more this year as I didn’t really get on a roll until mid summer. While I was truly proud of the vast majority of the work I did I was only able to scan and post about a third of the total. I uploaded a lot of new work to the comics directory, and will add still more to the illustration, tolkien, and sketches sections later this week, so keep an eye out. I’ve linked to some of my favorites below, and click over to the comics section for a whole lot more. Additionally, there is something else I worked on a little while back that folks will be able to see this Friday.

I have not added any new sequential work as last year was a strange one. I pitched a number of projects that either were rejected, put on hold in another case, were scrapped shortly in, or are still in the pitch process. I also did an insane number of commissions last year. As to new projects, I have what I am going to just call project “X”, (clever, I know), that is about 20 pages in. I may start showing specific people some of it at the begining of this year after I finish the first arc. I hope to be able to share that with everyone just after February but time and legalities must run their course. Another project I started and backburnered due to work conflicts will oddly be viewable to people around the same time. I can say it’s a departure from my usual work and should raise some eyebrows. Another project I have been working on is a pitch that I’ll certainly post here whether it’s accepted or not. It’s a bit of a dream project that I figure I can try and do now or be disappointed in myself that I never tried. Lastly, I am illustrating a short story by Mike Walton that’s a lot of fun and will be going up on his False Positive comic site. If you haven’t checked it out – you MUST. It is creepy, evil, fun.

Commissions: I am currently closed for commissions for a while due to various projects I have ongoing. I took on a zillion commissions just before the holidays in order to have free time to devote to some of these personal and non-personal sequential efforts. Should you want a commission, please use the contact link above and I will give you an ETA on when I might free up. I generally open commissions just prior to a convention for people who might want to put one in for pick up at the show. Which leads me to…

Conventions: I will be at Wizard World New Orleans January 28th and 29th. If anyone wants one for that show send me a note above and please note that it is for a New Orleans commission. Other shows I will be attending this year: C2E2, Boston Comic Con, NYCC, Heroes, and Baltimore Comic Con. What will I have at said shows? Prints, sketchbooks, originals, and I will be doing a limited number of commissions.

I think that’s about it. Have any questions? Shoot me a note here. I’ll have another post come Friday ;) Happy New Year everyone!

DestinyDejah ThorisPhoen

15 March 2011 4:31 PM CDT


I’ll be at C2E2 again in Chicago with the Comic Social Club (table E-1), sketching, chatting and commissioning. Keep an eye on my TwitPic feed as I’ll be constantly updating the feed with sketches and happening from the convention.

The Sketchbook:

I’ll be selling my 2011 series 1 sketchbook, and I’ve made a small number available via my Etsy shop while supplies last: LINK It features 32 pages of sketches done between September 2010 and February 2011 - 8 in color, 26 in Black & White. My 2010 sketchbook sold out, (I was able to hold onto 10 I might release later), so if interested, I urge you to pick up the 2011 SB at the show or online soon, as it’s another small run.


If you’re interested in a commission, I’m opening up 10 slots for the convention. I mail commissions if you are not attending when I return. If you are attending – let me know in advance. Please send me a note HERE about rates if interested.

New Art:

So much new art to post! I’ll be updating the gallery tonight and tomorrow night before I leave for Chicago. If you’re interested in seeing some of the new stuff prior to then, please check out my Deviant Art Page. LINK

Lastly – a huge thank you to everyone who has sent me emails, notes, tweets, and “liked” my work over the last year. A huge thanks to all who have commissioned me for illustrations and sketches at cons and via my site, and to those who follow me on twitter, facebook, deviant Art and here. I am constantly humbled by all of your support and am honored by each of you. I hope to see many of you in coming days :)

UPDATE: I now have 8 slots left for commissions.

24 November 2010 2:02 PM CST

VA Comic Con Post-Game Report

VA Comic Con is going down as one of my favorite cons of this year, if not the favorite. Not only did the Comic Social Club have a great showing, I think some of the best con art I’ve ever done was there, and I met some of the best con-goers of any convention. Only taking a 10 minute break on Sunday from drawing and chatting with fans, Peter & Bobby Timony and myself were constantly selling prints and sketchbooks while gossiping with convention folk. I got to meet and draw beside art-legend Joe Jusko, and watch him work one some really amazing sketch pieces. What a great guy. I also had a ton of fans chat me up about AZURE and ask about when the next issues were hitting.

The print was a big hit and sketchbooks and prints alike nearly sold out. Look for that piece to be in a calendar due from me very soon.

Here are some of the con commissions done at the show, some pics of me and the guys working, and the print I had at the show:

Elric of Melnibone Retro Laser Girl Jean Grey Phoenix by Daniel Govar   Peter Timony, Bobby Timony, & Me 

29 October 2010 8:21 AM CDT

30 Characters & Other Bits


This November I will be taking on the 30 Characters in 30 Days challenge again. What is this? It’s a challenge to create 30 original characters in 30 days – one for each day in November. So far 125+ creators of comics and art have registered to participate, with more streaming in by the minute (literally). Check out the link. I’ve been diligently working on the website getting it up to snuff with help from a ton of people. There is a link to the 2009 final entries collecting most of last years characters, including my own that I did for the challenge. I also have my profile up for the challenge here.

  • Aside from 30Characters, I’ve been bombarded by commissions for the first half of November. Thanks to everyone for all the interest and your pieces are being worked on daily. Most of you I’ve given notes on when you’ll receive your packages. If not, it’s in the que and I’ll update you as it draws near. If anyone wants a commission I can take on about 6 more prior to the holidays. Send me a note via “Contact” at the top of the page.
  • Where is Azure issue 4? The most asked question I get. The short answer – it’s been with DC Comics being converted to their digital format, and then in a holding pattern to be released. With luck it will be up and online soon for PSP, online, and i-Devices.
  • What else am I working on? The second most asked question I get. I am currently working on two pitches with a third in the gestation phase. I might post some stuff for those during 30Characters. ;) More Azure? Perhaps…who knows…
7 October 2010 10:40 AM CDT

NYCC 2010, Sketches/Sketchbooks, Times

I’ll be messin around at the NYCC with the Comic Social Club – selling sketchbooks and prints as well as doing comission sketches. I’ll be at the booth at these times:
Friday: 10am-11am, 1-3pm Saturday: 3pm-6pm Sunday: 11:30am-1pm I’ll probably be there at other times, but you’re gauranteed to catch me there then.

Prices are below:

2010 sketchbook - $15 (includes quick sketch)(BEST DEAL – and I don’t have many left…)



9x12 B&W – Ink - $30

Baron Mawr Vintner

9x12 B&W – Pencil - $20

Gollum Sketch

7x10 B&W – Pencil - $15


7x10 - Ink - $20

Burn 2

9x12 watercolour - $50

Also, I’ll have a super big 14×20 tablet and one comission I will be working on at the show at that size. If you want one of those inquire, but note the pricing starts higher. I can of course do pencil, ink, and watercolour. Hope to see you at the big show!

2016 Convention Schedule (confirmed)

C2E2 – Chicago, IL - March 18-20
Emerald City CC – Seattle, WA - April 7-10
MegaCon – Orlando, FL - May 26-29
Awesome Con – May 29-31 – Washington, DC
Heroes Con – June 19-21 – Charlotte, NC
Boston Comic Con - Aug12-14 - Boston, MA
Dragon Con - Sept2-5 - Atlanta, GA
NYCC – October 8-11 – New York, NY
Jekyll Island Comic Con - Dec10-11 - Jekyll Island, GA

Twitter Updates

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